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REVENANT M1 - Vintage Digital Pads

REVENANT M1 - Vintage Digital Pads

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Introducing REVENANT M1 - Vintage Digital Pads, an exclusive collection of 30 meticulously sampled patches sourced directly from the legendary Korg M1 synthesizer.

Unlike typical sample packs, I've gone above and beyond to capture not just factory library sounds, but elusive patches that breathe life into your compositions. These inspiring sounds are handpicked for their musicality, offering a fresh take on the iconic M1. Plus, with many patches not available in any VST recreation, you'll unlock a world of sonic possibilities that stand out from the crowd.

The real magic of REVENANT is that the samples come directly from the original 1988 hardware, complete with the warm, gritty texture that only digital-to-analog converters can deliver.

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! For the next 6 months, you can unlock REVENANT M1 - Vintage Digital Pads for just $10. Act now and seize the opportunity to add a touch of retro magic to your music production arsenal.

Revenant M1 comes with 630 high-quality WAV files (24-bit), along with 30 SoundFonts ready for your favorite sampler, for a total of over 2 gigs of premium samples to fuel your creativity.

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