Revenant // M1

Introducing REVENANT M1 - Vintage Digital Pads, an exclusive collection of 30 meticulously sampled patches sourced directly from the legendary Korg M1 synthesizer.


Diodes & Rust

Looking for some punchy, gritty drums to take your Industrial, EBM, or Techno productions to the next level? Look no further than DIODES & RUST, our vintage drum machine sample pack!


Neon Chronicles

Introducing Neon Chronicles, a new synthesizer patch library for the legendary Roland D-50 from 1987, as well as Roland Cloud, VST, D-05 Boutique and V-Synth versions of the D-50.


Organ 2

This is the bassline sound which became the cornerstone of house and techno music since its debut in 1988. Missing out on this $1 sample pack isn't just skipping on a sound; it's overlooking the heart of countless anthems that defined an era.



Vintage Chorus / Reverb Plugin: Inktomi is the ultimate solution for owners of synthesizers which lack built-in effects. Beyond being a mere chorus plug-in, each effect boasts analog-modeled saturation and encapsulates the warmth and character of legendary Bucket Brigade Delay chips.


Just the Tip

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